Integrated marketing with a Zing!

More than a catch phrase. It’s a promise.

During our 25+ years of marketing and advertising experience, we’ve learned that our clients need us to add the “Zing.” And if we aren’t, every time, we’re not doing our job.

We help you fully engage your target audience. That includes design, copy, and attention-grabbing executions. Of course, “Zing” doesn’t just apply to creative that sets you apart. It’s part of every aspect of every service we provide. So, even a marketing plan or a strategy has “Zing.”

And, best of all, we deliver the “Zing” in a fun, down-to-earth way. No agency arrogance, stuffiness, or huge egos. At Zing Integrated Marketing, we partner with you to deliver results. Put us to the test. We dare you!

Check Out The Services

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